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Manufacturer | JOEN LIH

  • ・Professional Manufacturer of CNC Type High Precision Surface Grinding Machines
  • ・Designing and manufacturing the machines featuring sperior rigidness, accuracy, stability and efficiency
  • ・Advantages of perfromance, operationability and each maintenance
  • ・The corporate motto is what quality is the first priority.
  • ・Manufacturing system under a consistent standard for a stable quality
  • ・High reputation in quality has been won with ISO9001
    in the worldwide market.
  • ・OEM has been started to enhance our business line
  • ・The state-of-the-art high precision CNC Profile Surface Grinders
    Models JL-2550CNC & JL4080CNC have been released into the market.
  • ・The latest models have been designed for a stable high accuracy enouch to reach the highest standard in the field.
  • ・All frames are made of cast irons to prevent the structures from torsion, vibration and heat impact.
  • ・All products are designed to be operated simply.
  • ・A simultanous control of 2~5 axes is adopted.
    (Each product is fit for a very wide field.)

Surface Grinding Machines

  • A big lineup from the smaller machines to the bigger ones
    is designed to be operated easily for the Japanese users.
    Typical Model JL-2550CNC Profile Surface Grinder
Here for the web site of JOEN LIH MACHINERY CO., LTD.
JL-200SCG型 ウエハー高精度平面研削盤

Model JL-200SCG Wafer Precise Surface Grinder

Wafer Precise Surface Grinding Machine


JL-2550CNC型 CNC精密プロファイル平面研削盤

Model JL-2550CNC CNC Profile Surface Grinder

CNC Precise Profile Surface Grinding Machines


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